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The "Hong Kong International Contemporary Art Literature Association" and the "Hong Kong Federation of Art Federations" co-organized the "Hong Kong International Contemporary Art Document Exhibition" and the annual authoritative journal "(Hong Kong International Contemporary Art Document Exhibition) jointly organized by Hong Kong Tianqu Art Center, Zhongchuang Yibo International Co., Ltd." 2020) International Contemporary Art Literature is a large-scale international exhibition platform and historical literature aimed at promoting Chinese contemporary art and international integration and mutual exchange under the international vision.

The exhibition is held once a year, in parallel with the Basel exhibition. The parallel exhibition of Basel is held at the same time. The exhibition selects 60 works, including paintings, sculptures, installations, and other contemporary art forms. The purpose of the exhibition is to exchange Chinese and foreign artists. Chinese artists go out, foreign artists come in, and works can be sold on the spot.


Creator: Yang Wei Curator Assistant: Ji Zhongpeng

Academic members: Yang Xiaoyan, Liu Wei, Wang Duanting, Li Xiaofeng.

Exhibition Director: Tao Licheng (Hong Kong) Sheikh (Hong Kong)

Opening: 2020-3-29

Exhibition period: March 29-4.1, 2020

Exhibition Address: Exhibition Address: 7 Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, 7 Caine Road, Central

Host: Hong Kong Contemporary Art Literature Association, Hong Kong Federation of Art Circles, Asian Art Double Exhibition

Co-organizer: Hong Kong Tianqu Art Center, Singapore Artists Association, Zhongchuang International Art, 1001 Gallery, Qinghua Academy (Shenzhen) Alumni Association, Hong Kong Tsinghua Alumni Association, Art Mirror Gallery, Mai Shang Art, Bao Jinda International Auction House, Rong Bao Zhai (Hong Kong), Hong Kong Sanshixuan Art, Taiwan Mining Gallery, Art Direction JZ Gallery


The magazine publishes selected contemporary galleries from around the world that are active in the contemporary art and have more than 200 artists and outstanding contributions, focusing on the staged results of artists and galleries, with detailed contact information. Literature Promotion in Basel, Hong Kong, Art Central, Contemporary Asia, Shanghai 021. West Bank, Art Shenzhen, Art Beijing, Singapore, Taipei Art Fair, New York Armory Contemporary Art Exhibition, FIAC Paris Art Fair, and other major exhibitions, international The major art galleries, libraries, and collection associations are free of charge. The international collection of books is published globally, and is sold in major bookstores in Hong Kong and Macao.


Artists and galleries participating in the journals and exhibitions will be permanent members of the Hong Kong International Association of Contemporary Art Literature and enjoy a variety of online and offline promotion opportunities www.art198.com

Call for papers:

  1. The size of the work is limited to the length and width of the 100x100cm frame size (small size for transportation and sales).

  2. Submitted 6 original pictures for selection. In principle, each selected artist will be a work, {can be sold on site} The other five works are edited into four pages of the collection.

  3. Requires the submission of JPG images (resolution 300dpi) to meet the printing requirements, each picture is at least 3M (mega), not more than 10M (mega)

  4. Works can be sold on site, the price is custom, the recommended price is 50,000-100,000 Hong Kong dollars (the organizer does not charge commission

  5. Gold, but not on the label to indicate the price but to scan the personal barcode and the buyer docking).

  6. Name + "Work Title" + Material + Size + Age + Work Price

  7. Artist's resume (limited to 300 words), a photo of the artist for printing or a photo of life (about 3m). Please leave a document: Personal contact phone micro-signal (convenient to enter the artist into the group) Address (write city area)

  8. Call for papers: From now until November 30

  9. The list of selected names will be announced on December 30, 2019.

  10. Submission email: yangweiart@163.com  614930958@qq.com

  11. Tel: 13701303124 Mr. Yang Wei
    15810570541 Mr. Zhai Zhongpeng
    13717763655 Sheikh
    852-90773676 Tao Licheng (Hong Kong)

  12. The selected artists will be charged RMB 8,000, including 2020.3.29, arriving in Hong Kong for the opening ceremony and staying for one night, and will provide a ticket for the No. 30 Art Basel Art Exhibition (for the return of transportation expenses) Bibliography" two books, permanent membership,

  13. If you only participate in the "International Contemporary Art Collection" album, the fee is 4,000 yuan per person, a total of 200

    Plan A-60
    Hong Kong International Contemporary Art Document Exhibition + Hotel Accommodation in the evening + Basel tickets + Literature Collection 2 + Permanent Membership + Global Promotion RMB: 8000.00 yuan

    Plan B200
    Hong Kong Contemporary Art Collections + Permanent Membership + Global Promotion (International Book Global Issue) RMB: 4000.00

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