• 1957 Born in Suzhou, China

  • 1975 graduated from The Xi`an Academy of Fine Arts(XAFA)

  • 1981 graduated from  The Central Academy of Arts & Design (Tsinghua University - 清华大学)

  • 1986 immigrated to Hong Kong ,engaged in textile design work. Set up own company and art gallery.

  • Tutor, Designfirst Art Institution

  • ​Tutor, The Academy of Fine Arts


  • Exhibition in Shenzhen Peng Hai Yang Fan Watercolor Exhibition 2015

  • Exhibition in Beijing Central Arts Ink Painting 8090s'

  • Exhibition in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Fairview, Tao's Lighting World Exhibition

  • Exhibition in Guangdong Art Fair(艺博会)

  • Exhibition in The 7th Guangdong Watercolor and Gouache Works Fair


From printing and dyeing engineer to an artist

Dear friends loving art, maybe you know this story I am telling you:

Mr. Zhou Yinghua (the son of Beijing opera artist Zhou Xinfang) is a Chinese-Britain artist. He went to Britain at the age of 14 to learn architecture and art. Later, he opened a Chinese restaurant in London for a living, the business lasted for 46 years. 

Until one day, with the help of his friends, he took up drawing again. He often fuses eggs, gloves and tableware in the kitchen into painting, sublimating the life to art, which contributed to his special artistic achievement of today. 


I have similar life experience. I graduated from Central Academy of Art and Design (Now is Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University). After moving to Hong Kong in 1986, I engaged in business of figured cloth design and printing process for living. 


Until last year, touched by a party with friends, I picked painting up again. I add my living tips over past thirty years into my painting, there are vivid colors, silky color stream, phantom, and interplanetary elements, presenting an extraordinary visual 


It is life that nourishes art, and the art enriches our life in turn. Dear friends, I sincerely invite you to visit the website below and I hope my works can give you a fresh experience ever.


Thanks your appreciation!


Richard Tao Lap Shing

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

--Pablo Picasso 

THE TAOS ART GALLERY 2019, Richard Tao